Coming Out: Tips and Recommendations For Telling Your Family and Friends

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Understanding the Pros and Cons


Like any other major decisions, coming out should be preceded by acknowledging both the positive and the negative outcomes. It’s important to remember that with each person that you tell, there will be a different reaction. However, it’s up to you to determine whether or not you are in a safe, accepting environment. Your circumstances will warrant the best and most positive possible outcomes. With that being said, here are all of the positive outcomes of coming out to your family and friends:

  • being able to be open and honest about your true self
  • lifting the stress of having to hide your identity
  • being able to openly be a part of the LGBTQ community and making friends who can relate to you
  • creating stronger and more honest relationships by diminishing secrets about your life
  • becoming a role model and example for younger LGBTQ individuals and for other people who are also in the closet



LGBT Dating Apps

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Some people are more comfortable and feel safe using the apps installed on their mobile phones and tablets in finding and dating other persons. Dating apps have proven this efficiency and improving the sociability of LGBT persons in connecting, communicating or creating a deeper relationship with same or opposite partners. This article will introduce you to the Top 5 dating apps in the market and will give you some helpful tips in meeting more persons or looking for love.

The basics

So, let’s begin. Of course, you will need to have a smartphone powered by Android or iOS system. There are some applications that only work on the iOS and/or Android alone. But the good news is, there are also apps that are compatible with both systems. I suggest that you should look for those types of dating applications that are workable in either type of mobile units.

Next, make sure that you have a good internet connection or mobile data service. Most of these dating applications operate or are only accessible when your phone is connected to wifi or mobile data service. Without internet connectivity, the apps are just mere icons on your phone.



I’m Gay And I’m Afraid To Tell

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It has been twenty years ago when Ellen Degeneres publicly announced in her self-titled sit-com Ellen that she’s gay. This was seconded when she officially guested at The Ophrah Winfrey show.  It created a media frenzy and mixed emotions from the public on whether to support or reject this self-confession. To some, Ellen’s coming out served as an inspiration and they also followed steps towards self-liberation.

Nonetheless, despite this radical move and the openness of the LGBTQ nowadays, there are still teens and even adults who are afraid to admit about their real identity.  Why so? Let’s discuss in this article…



Mental Illness In LGBTQ

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Overview: The Basics


The LGBTQ community as a whole is drastically more susceptible to mental illnesses and disorders when compared to other demographics. This higher vulnerability can be directly linked to prejudice, lack of support, and discrimination against the community. Often referred to as “minority stress,” LGBTQ individuals find it difficult to cope with the stigma and harassment that target them. In addition, they also have to deal with the stress of understanding their identity and the general stigma surrounding mental health disorders.

On top of this, individuals often have great difficulty seeking help, especially if their sexuality or gender identity is not in public knowledge. There is a great fear of being discriminated against or ridiculed when attempting to find support from family, friends, and even the health care industry.

Health care providers have a history of being unwilling, unhelpful, or unequipped when it comes to treating LGBTQ individuals that have some kind of mental health issue. Transgender and transsexual people have reported quite a lot of disparity within the health care industry. Since their gender and sex may not match up, or their physical appearance may not reflect their gender identity, doctors and health care professionals have difficulty treating them. They are also much more susceptible to unhelpful or unwilling mental health care.

Of course, this gap in modern health care is nothing compared to the history of the relationship of mental health and LGBTQ. As recent as 1950, homosexuality, bisexuality, and other sexualities were considered to be a mental illness in itself. Because of this, it was common for individuals in the 1950’s and 60’s to have been given unwanted, harsh treatments. Common treatments of this time included electroshock therapy, aversion therapy, and hospitalization. (more…)

What To Do When You Are Getting Bullied?

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender teenagers or LGBT are at a higher risk to get bullied compared to straight teenagers — be it in their school, community, or the internet. Statistics show that LGBT youth experiences more violence like bullying, humiliation, harassment, and physical assaults in their lifetime. As a result of this, it drives them into such unfortunate incidents like drugs and the like, and can fall into different types of addiction, food, drugs, and more.

What should be the appropriate action whenever teenagers are being bullied? How can parents support their children in this manner? Fortunately, there are places that offer counseling and behavioral therapy, provide help with addiction, and other related issues. This indeed will be a great help to parents going through this problem with their children.

Let’s discuss the answers to these questions by reviewing different literature pertaining to the issue.



Struggling With Sexual Identity

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Today, sexual identity is a common problem among teens. You wonder if your child could ever have that kind of problem. You know that your kids listen to music about gays, see movies about gays, and watch comedy television shows about the gay lifestyle. “For sure” you tell yourself, “this would never happen to my son and daughter.” If it does and you have no idea how to cope, contact a professional for advice through free online counseling.

You would like to get someone else’s ideas about this, but it’s not something you feel comfortable bringing up, especially at church. You hope that the church youth minister and Bible study teachers will teach the kids what the Bible says.

But as you try to reassure yourself, you can’t help but be concerned. You might even want to ask your teen if sexuality is a problem or if they have ever been attracted to the same sex. But you don’t know how to approach such a topic.

Gather Information

Sometimes, teens have doubts and need to talk to an adult or to an online counseling professional. But most will be afraid to approach the subject with an adult. Instead, they may talk among themselves and may get inaccurate information.


Help is Available for Our LGBT Youth

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Most lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (or LGBTQ for short) youths are just happy and try to thrive during the time of their adolescent years. Going to a school that creates a safe and supportive learning environment for all students and getting care and acceptance from parents are most important. This helps all youths achieve good grades and maintain good mental and also physical health. Therefore, some of the LGBTQ youths known to me more likely compared to their heterosexual peer groups to experience such difficulties in their lives and school environments, such as violence. If you are concerned about your sexuality or that of your teenage child, you can seek professional advice with free online counseling.

What Schools Can Do

For youths to thrive in their schools and their communities, they must feel socially, emotionally, and physically safe, as well as being supported. A positive and comfortable school climate can be associated having a decreased depression, substance use, suicidal feelings, and also an unexcused school non-appearance among all the LGBQ students. (more…)

Health Advice for Gay Teens

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The ancient method of practicing relaxation, meditation, deep intentional breathing, and conscious exercise has promoted health in the body and spirit for centuries. Do not let its ancient roots cause you to think for a second that it’s somehow outdated. The benefit of yoga classes targeted for gay men is that you will be less inclined to have feelings on discomfort as because you will be surrounded by people who are already open and comfortable with your sexuality. In the classes you can open your mind and body as your relax and become increasingly self-aware. As you connect with the elements that are currently running through your life, health, and emotions, you can begin to increase your flexibility and strength. If you are having problems accepting that a family member is gay or you are unsure whether you are gay or not, seek advice from an expert with free online counseling. read more from

All men and women, have stresses that can greatly benefit from yoga, but the gay man has stresses that others simply cannot relate to. These stresses, if left unattended to, can lead to heart disease, ulcers, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and a plethora of other ailments that can upset the balance of healthful living. More than just a form of physical exercise, yoga provides an amazing avenue through which a gay man can relieve the stresses that plague his life. Though maybe it could have different result to both, but at least both experience relief. To combat stress, try free online counseling. (more…)