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In addition, the V-Shaped Sole looks really easy to hit to hit chips or full swings from any lie. Personally, I felt there was still more in the tank with the UHX and I wasn’t getting everything out of it. In fact, the Srixon U85 utility iron is instrumental in the design of UHX. Model Reviewed: Cleveland CG Gold I went out on a whim one day after reading some reviews and purchased these clubs brand new for only $400 (3-PW). An aspiring news anchor, his hobbies outside of investigative reporting are golf, martinis, and adventure travel. So pay close attention and learn about these phenomenal clubs that will definitely help improve your overall game manufactured by Cleveland Golf. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Gear: Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons Price: $799.99 with True Temper Dynamic Gold DST 98 steel shafts and Lamkin 360 grips; $899.99 with Miyazaki C. Kua 60 graphite shafts Specs: Hollow-bodied design with HT1770M … The V-Shaped Sole improves turf interaction and helps maintain clubhead speed through impact. In comparison, the fastest ball speed of a non-Cleveland iron was 118. They are helpful without being too chunky and still look like ‘proper’ golf clubs with decent shelf appeal. Trending top #5 Hand Files Products: Don’t miss the Cleveland Wedges Reviews here. You want to be the best, right? We advise you to study our buying guide before you spend any money on Hybrid Iron Sets. For such an affordable product, many golfers are surprised when looking at the CBX Iron Set that it is so customizable and … Standard retail price is slightly higher at $169.99. Free postage. They use a simple approach to the hybrids. Facebook. Cleveland Bus Driver Punches Teen Passenger in the Face, Dennis Kucinich Explains Why He Voted No On Affordable Health Care for America Act. £360.34. The D Wedge weighs one swing point more in both steel and graphite. 3-PW set with a large club face, and an even larger back. Your email address will not be published. You’ll be able to improve your ball speed, hit it higher, and hit it much farther. or Best Offer. We are the Leader in Cleveland Ohio and have been for some time. Just pay attention to the descriptions and choose the option that makes the most sense to help you improve your complete golf game. Probably more important than anything else, the overall performance with these irons is going to make you very happy indeed. They have a nice soft pop on contact and whether heel, toe, or sweetspot, shots eem to always go straight. Just an Average Golfer giving unbiased opinions on all things golf, product tests, Golf travel vlogs and golf news! The UHX irons stole a page from parent company Srixon with their popular driving iron design. The iron looks and feels great and offers the fastest ball speed and solid distance of the irons tested. £41.97 postage. Cleveland CG1 Tour 4i-PW Iron Set. Cleveland Srixon and XXIO were in the mcgolf house and we did a product line review of both Srixon and Cleveland golf. The prices have dropped considerably since their release, and they make a very functional … Cleveland Golf provides high quality, high performing golf irons that deliver improved distance, accuracy, and control. £139.76 postage. The Utility iron option offers a stock D4 swing weight with an upgraded UST Recoil 95 shaft. Senior Men’s Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set Our Grading & Review: Majek golf sets have not been around the block quite like Cleveland, but they rank #2 on our list for good reason. What Makes a Brew a Certified Organic Beer? Cleveland did a great job in the appearance of the Launcher UHX irons. Anyone looking at a new set of the hollowed out irons should at the very least make a few swings with the UHX. These clubs make me think about the 27th hole at Moor Allerton.Bear with me. And the straight, high ball flights are going to make it very easy to improve your game overall, so you’re going to absolutely love these irons from the very beginning. Cleveland Left Handed Ta1 FF Iron Set 3-PW S300. If you have a scoop on any developing story, please contact him on this page. And let’s not forget about the forgiveness that we’ve just talked about, because it’s great in the improved control and stability will certainly help you increase your score overall. The Cavity Back short irons provide more control that allows you to hit more greens. Finally, I switched to a lightweight Nippon Modus 105 stiff and found peak height dropped and hit the fastest ball speed of the day reaching 122.4. Upon further review, we can safely say when it comes to irons; the reborn Cleveland is for real. Standard length is 37” and 63* lie angle in the 7-iron. UHX offers a milled face through the hitting area, however, it does not extend on the toe and heel similar to the CBX2 wedges. It’s not a hollowed out set, but the performance is practically the same, at a fraction of the price. The stock shaft performed good, however, I switched out the stock Dynamic Gold 98 gram shaft for a heavier Nippon Modus 120 stiff in an effort to bring down ball flight. The top line and sole is almost identical in size to the King Forged Tec, TaylorMade P790 and a little thicker than Ping i500. For the second installment of ClubTest 2020, we tested and reviewed 57 new iron models to help you find the right one for your game. Get total control and more ball speed off the tee or from the fairway with the Launcher UHX Utility Irons. Having top-quality irons in your golf bag while you’re out on the links is definitely the best way to make this dream a reality. It’s a par-5 where the approach to the green normally requires a shot with at least 130 yards of carry to avoid the water hazard and treacherous bunkers on the bank of a … I wouldn’t say I’d ever really considered Cleveland irons before but the CBX are ticking a lot of boxes for me. UHX irons are available in both right and left-handed. Cleveland has released multiple underrated, underpriced irons sets in the past 5 years. CLEVELAND TOUR ACTION 3 IRONS / 1-PW / STIFF FLEX DYNAMIC GOLD SHAFTS/ CLSTOU013. The Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s Launcher CBX Iron Set features a fantastic set of seven golfing irons, each with a fashionable, clean aesthetic that is both pleasing to the eye and functional. From the above review it is clear that the Best Golf Irons For Beginners should have sufficient forgiveness, should be easy to hit and the ball should travel long. 0. While hollow body iron competitors max out at $1400 for 8-irons in steel, the UHX is a steal at $914.24 in steel and $1028.56 in graphite. Many brands have tried to create a set of woods that are irons but Cleveland lead the way with the Launcher HB as they have managed to make it look like a set of irons if you can focus on that leading edge. Cleveland utilizes their Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milling for maximum spin and consistent control from the long hollow irons through cavity back short irons. UHX offers a milled face through the hitting area, however, it does not extend on the toe and heel similar to the CBX… Do you have a preference for irons? £189.95 . Or are you a novice just beginning to appreciate the finer points of golf? One example would be the Cleveland CBX Launcher irons. When you strike the ball using launcher CBX Irons, you’ll feel like you got a very solid, crisp hit on the ball. I found this to be a pleasing experience regarding the sound of the ball coming off the club head a satisfying sound that I had hit the ball well. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Simply put: If you’re looking for ease and forgiveness in a set of golf clubs, the Cleveland Golf Mashie Iron set provides both. £795.00. All in all, the Launcher CBX Irons are perfect for recreational golfers looking to improve their distance, control, and accuracy. The clubs look a bit unusual at address, but really hit the ball well. Pool Safety and Accidental Drowning Prevention. Available also in Left Handed, which is a real plus! - September 17, 2019. Review: Cleveland Mashie Irons Set . The performance is truly amazing. Your hands and ears do not feel lots of feedback with these clubs, and they are very stable and solid when you swing them. Even if you happen to lose distance on some of your mishits, you’re not going to find yourself in serious trouble because the forgiveness is amazing. They carry the ball very high and I have notices zero impact on distance. They seemed to be created with the perfect balance in a full set of hybrid irons. Are you an avid golfer that loves playing the game? I thought these club as a 12 handicap would help lower it. The Cleveland Launcher UHX irons are meant to provide distance, precision and forgiveness with hollow long irons cavity back short irons. Very forgiving set with great feel and distance control, just like the Cleveland Launcher UHX irons. You’ll appreciate this impressive ability the next time you’re having a bad day and your score really doesn’t end up reflecting it because these irons are so forgiving. You’ll hear a pleasant thwack every time you hit the ball in the sweet spot. The truth is, most of these golfers respond reflexively to the image of these clubs because they were expecting to see something different, and they might have been thrown off guard by the look of the Launcher HB Irons. After playing golf for over 20 years most recently using King Cobra II Irons, I made the switch to the Cleveland Hibore Irons. The above golf irons are all good in their own way but if we have to make a decision then the Most Forgiving Game Improving Iron is the TaylorMade RSi1. Contact was good, yet ball speed dropped dramatically with heavier shaft. Dynamic Gold DST98 is the stock steel shaft while Mizayaki C. Kua 60 is the stock graphite shaft. For comparison purposes, Cleveland UHX irons are grouped with TaylorMade P790, Cobra Forged Tec and Ping i500 with standard specs. Cleveland also offers a UHX Utility iron available in 18* 3, 20* 4 and 23* 5 iron. The UHX Utility is available in right-handed with all three options and left-handed in the 4 and 5 Utility option. The new Cleveland HiBore irons. Below are the results for the Cleveland Launcher UHX irons. I bought UHX’s club, and honestly these clubs are not as advertised. Before I bought these, I played with a used set of Ping Zing 2's (black dot), and they were alright for a while, but I found that the sole of the club was far too big and was causing me problems on the hard ground on some of my local courses. Aesthetically well executed progression. They do look great, but the performance is not there with 20 rounds on them. The beauty of these hybrid style Launcher HB Irons is that they were specifically designed with straight shots, high shots, and forgiveness in mind. The Cleveland Leader is your go resource for News, Sports, Dining, Drinks, Entertainment and More. Or are you a novice just beginning to appreciate the finer points of golf? Plus, the clubs have acoustic sounds because the designer added ribs in the chamber to give it a different sound than your typical hybrid club. Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons Review shows how these large cavity back irons offer value & forgiveness for game improvers. Cleveland Launcher HB irons review – NCG verdict. Half cavity back and half utility-hollow, the Cleveland Launcher UHX is a combo set that offers precision with the short irons and forgiveness with the long irons. If you’re searching for a new set of irons at great prices, look no further than I had by chance to try out at a fitting evening Cleveland CBX irons (Taking 7 regular steel shaft True Temper 98). The light chrome color looks good while the thicker top line and sole offer plenty of confidence at address. I found distance was nothing special and forgiving also not special. With a price-point far below that of the market-leading brands, could these irons provide an option for you to freshen up your golf bag and improve your golf game without breaking the bank? Cleveland Launcher CBX irons review – NCG verdict. They are unreal! Technology in the clubs helps create some of the fastest ball speeds found in irons. Next, you’ll truly appreciate the feel and sound of these clubs. WhatsApp. It really doesn’t matter where you stand – you can be a professional, an intermediate, or a complete beginner – you’re still going to need top-quality clubs if you’re ever going to excel at this game. You can see the loft and iron number marked clearly on the sole of each club. Ball flight felt a little high and peak height is higher than the other irons in the testing category. It just means they look very different than the typical irons that you’re used to seeing. From the very first swing, you’ll feel like you’re striking the ball effortlessly every time you swing one of these clubs. GOLF IRONS - Cleveland CG16 4-PW - EXCELLENT CONDITION. The light chrome color looks good while the thicker top line and sole offer plenty of confidence at address. The Launcher UHX Utility Irons deliver the distance and forgiveness of hybrid in a compact, iron-like address profile. It really doesn’t matter where you stand – you can be a professional, an intermediate, or a complete beginner – you’re still going to need top-quality clubs if you’re ever going to excel at this game. Utility Irons Irons Wedges Putters Women's Golf Clubs Drivers Fairway Woods Hybrids Irons Wedges Complete Sets Juniors Set Women's Bloom Set The Complete Package Learn More Explore RTX ZipCore Explore CBX Full Face Explore Smart Sole 4 Explore Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Explore HB Turbo Woods Explore Launcher HB Turbo Irons UHX exceeded expectations and is a great option for someone looking for distance and control. Pinterest. This is 1 of 4 part series. Best Hybrid Iron Sets reviews and buying guides: The list with the top Hybrid Iron Sets in 2021. Cleveland Golf has really outdone themselves with the creation of their stylish yet forgiving Cleveland Golf Irons. 13 watching. They really did a great job naming these clubs, because using the word “launched” was definitely the ideal choice because the ball really has the ability to launch directly off of the clubface and go soaring into the air. I am able to accurately hit my irons with confidence. You may not realize the value of these clubs just yet, but Cleveland Irons are definitely some of the best that money can buy. The Cleveland Launcher UHX irons are available in 20* 4 Iron through 50* D (Gap) Wedge. #2. £5.95 postage. Cleveland Launcher HB Irons Review shows how the return of the HB irons could take your game to new heights. Honest Review of Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons. However, the higher flight promotes the ball to stop quickly at such a steep descent angle. A worthy new contender in the game improvement domain. My only hesitation is the difference I received in carry distance from one swing to the next, however, that is probably the result of not consistent enough swings. Cleveland designed probably one of the best bargains with a high-performance and lower price point in the Launcher UHX irons. Many of today’s golfers take a look at these clubs and wonder if it’s something they’ll be able to get used to. I also bit on game improvements, super game improvements. Twitter. And as we’ve mentioned a number of different times, there’s also plenty of forgiveness as well, so you’re definitely going to improve your game overall with irons like these.

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