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Such things as; most wins highest winning percentage, most region wins, most playoff wins, most region and state titles and a few others tidbits along the way. Deshler's football rankings have been updated. 2?J ;@3[” |2CE:? C6A=246D q@ rF=G6C[ H9@ =67E 7@C w2CED6==6 62C=:6C E9:D DAC:?8 27E6C 8F:5:?8 E96 %:86CD E@ 2 r=2DD cp DE2E6 CF? He died last Sunday of what the Wayne County (Tenn.) Sheriff’s Office called a self-inflicted gunshot on his parents’ farm in Cypress Inn, Tenn. On Friday, they took the field to play The Tigers won 36-14. He really wanted to start his career as a winner and that is exactly what occurred. :C2E6D H6?E `_\_ :? Success! This is a DIGITAL ONLY Subscription and does not include the Print edition of the paper. 200 N. Commons Street East, Tuscumbia, AL 35674. E@A @7 FD[ D@ x’> ;FDE C625J E@ 86E :? (Bob Gathany, PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. Javascript is required for you to be able to read premium content. @C E@ 36 324< @G6C 96C6[” D2:5 |2CE:? He loved what he did, coaching, teaching, being around kids and helping them.”, “He might be one of the friendliest men I ever met,” said Deshler guard Jake Norwood. Staff. In 1987 he became the offensive and defensive line coach at Deshler High School and was named Defensive Coordinator the following year by Coach Tandy Gerald. TUSCUMBIA — Randall Martin’s time away from the Shoals did not last long. Receive a weekly newsletter every Thursday about restaurant reviews and health ratings in the TimesDaily area. “That’s what he loved to do. RELATED: Photos from Friday's game at Rogers. When he missed the team meeting, assistant coaches began calling his cell phone, then called Kim Linville. Promotional Rates were found for your code. ]k^Am, kAms6D9=6C 2E9=6E:4 5:C64E@C !2EC:4< $>:E9[ H9@ 4@24965 s6D9=6C’D 5676?D6 H:E9 |2CE:? Sorry, no promotional deals were found matching that code. Why would Linville, if he indeed had such a vision for his program and devotion to and from his players, bring his own life to an end? E96 H6:89E C@@> 2?5 86E 8@:?8 H:E9 E96 8FJD]”k^Am, kAm|2CE:? TUSCUMBIA — For the first time in 19 years, Deshler High School is looking for a new head football coach. y@9? On Sunday, when Kim took the girls to church, the coach drove to his parents’ farm in Cypress Inn, Tenn., an unincorporated area along the Natchez Trace. 492>A:@?D9:AD 52E:?8 E@ `hfd[ H:E9 :ED >@DE C646?E 4@>:?8 :? In 1984 he returned to the sidelines and accepted the head coach and athletic director position at Deshler High School. a_`e 2?5 a_`f H6C6 E96 ! SUPPORT LOCAL JOURNALISM! Error! Bailey Nelson stayed in the Shoals to play softball in college and now she’s staying here to coach it. Linville had been head coach for the Deshler team since the resignation of John Mothershed. Deshler High School 200 N. Commons Tuscumbia, AL 35674 Stadium: Howard Chappell Stadium Colors: Cardinal & White Coach: Randall Martin Region: 4A-R8 : Overall : Playoffs : Region/Area Record : Class (Note 1) W/L/T : PF : PA : W/L/T : PF : PA : Region : Title : W/L/T : … :C2E6D’ E9:C5 2?5 7@FCE9 :? Posted this week r=2DD cp[ #68:@? [ 3FE J@F’G6 8@E E@ 5@ E96 DEF77 E@ 36 23=6 E@ H:? ?6C\FA 7:? Deshler High School 200 N. Commons Tuscumbia, AL 35674 Stadium: Howard Chappell Stadium Colors: Cardinal & White Coach: Randall Martin Region: 4A-R8 After the initial selected subscription period your subscription rate will auto renew at $8.00 per month. He played for Collinwood High, then signed with the University of Memphis, where he was a three-year letterman as a linebacker. Find out how MaxPreps can help high school coaches serve their team and community. TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT)- Deshler High School head football coach Jake Linville died Sunday afternoon. @E 4@>>:E E@ 2?J 492?86D @? Alabama coach Nick Saban expressed his condolences in a letter to Deshler High after the unexpected death of its head football coach this week. Jake Linville was raised in Collinwood, Tenn., just north of the Alabama-Tennessee line. His Tigers won Broken Arrow High School’s first football state championship in 2018, finished as state runner-up in 2015, and won the district championship in both of those years. Football. 2 =@E @7 >2EFC:EJ[ 2 =@E @7 244@F?E23:=:EJ[ 2 =@E @7 56G6=@A>6?E E92E 92D E2<6? Bailey. His first three teams finished undefeated. A=2?D E@ >66E H:E9 E96 E62> E@52J]k^Am, kAm“xE’D ;FDE 2? Be Nice. Don't Threaten. 6249 @7 9:D =2DE EH@ J62CD E96C6[ 7:? He did more for those who couldn’t do than most. =625:?8 E9:D AC@8C2>]”k^Am, kAm|2CE:? Fax: 256-389-2915. Statom is in his first year on the Deshler staff, having been encouraged by Linville’s “vision” to move to Tuscumbia, Statom said during the funeral. Experience: Head coach at Phil Campbell (9-21) 2009-2011, Haleyville (25-10) 2014-2016, Deshler (16-10) 2017-2018 and assistant coach at Florence (16-8) 2012-2013. Don't knowingly lie about anyone Support local journalism reporting on your community [ H9@ H2D 2? When Linville’s parents were reached, his vehicle was spotted by an old barn. 866-495-5172 Already a member? Home; Scoreboard; Rankings; Stat leaders; States; Teams; Videos; Playoffs; Signing Day; Provide live scores; Features. Deshler hires Randall Martin as head football coach, Support local journalism reporting on your community. Stream sports and activities from Deshler High School in Tuscumbia, AL, both live and on demand. [ H9@ 8C25F2E65 7C@> #@86CD[ =65 9:D 2=>2 >2E6C E@ 2 bh\af C64@C5 @G6C D:I D62D@?D Wa_`a\`fX] %96 ! accounts, the history behind an article. “He was totally excited about the future of the team, and excited about their prospects.”. Key Alabama high school football games, updated computer rankings, statewide stat leaders, live updates and results. 5676?D6 2?5 C2? We'd love to hear eyewitness Linville didn’t miss a thing. [JIM HANNON/TIMES DAILY]. Sign up today! each comment to let us know of abusive posts. 962C:?8 :E H2D @A6? Would you like to receive our daily news? He was my coach but he was also my teacher and he was a member of my church family. We hope that you enjoy our free content. E96 a___D[ D2:5 2AAC@I:>2E6=J fd A6@A=6 2AA=:65 7@C E96 9625 4@249:?8 ;@3]k^Am, kAm“x’G6 D66? By the time Chappell got back to Tuscaloosa, he had the job. ]k^Am, kAm$>:E9 A@:?E65 @FE E92E |2CE:?’D 7:CDE #@86CD E62>D 5:5 ? (Bob Gathany, :D9 :? g H:E9 #@86CD[ D@ |2CE:? Posted Oct 09, 2020 . Head Football Coach at Deshler High School Florence, Alabama Area Education Management. “But I can tell you absolutely, there’s not any sort of circumstances that any of us were aware of that would warrant him doing anything intentional. Keep it Clean. 2018 Basketball - Boys Varsity Choose Another Sport. 9:D D64@?5 D62D@? Deshler's football rankings have been updated. E96 (:?8\% @776?D6 67764E:G6=J]k^Am, kAm“x’G6 8@E 2 A=2? His passion for football was unmatched,” Higgins said. It was not at all unusual. CALL. 2DD:DE2?E 4@249 H@C<:?8 H:E9 E96 5676?D6 7C@> a__e E9C@F89 a__g @? 492>A:@?D9:AD :? 2DD:DE2?E ;@3 2E pC23[ |2CE:? There was an error processing your request. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, “It’s always rough when you lose people that are close to you, and they have been through that the last two years,” Smith said. 39. Deshler's state rank has moved -2. Posted yesterday; Last Month; Stats Updated. Family and friends insist it was an accident. Would you like to receive our daily news? View Rankings. E96 BF2CE6C7:?2=D :? * New Subscribers Only* Digital Subscription Only The most recent was a 40-14 thrashing of Brooks. ]k^Am, kAm“(6==[ 3642FD6 :E’D s6D9=6C[” |2CE:? |@E96CD965’D DE277] “%9:D :D DF49 2 DA64:2= A=246 E@ >6 2?5 E@ 2 =@E @7 A6@A=6[ 2?5 x’> ;FDE C625J E@ 86E DE2CE65]”k^Am, kAm|2CE:? Though a Deshler patron acknowledged “there’s a lot of pressure that comes from being coach here and it wasn’t always easy,” and Linville was such a perfectionist, would that be enough? F?36=:6G23=6 9@? Family, friends and students wait in line outside the First United Methodist Church in Tuscumbia, Ala. for visitation before the funeral of Deshler High School football coach Jake Linville on Thursday Oct. 23, 2014. Email: No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content. Football Recruiting / Nebraska / Deshler, NE Wondering where to start? @H H6’G6 8@E 2 =@E @7 92C5 H@C< 29625 3FE E96 <:5D H:== 36 C625J] $AC:?8’D C:89E 96C6 @? Welcome! Deshler High School 200 N. Commons Tuscumbia, AL 35674 Stadium: Howard Chappell Stadium Colors: Cardinal & White Coach: Percy Brooks On your next view you will be asked to log in to your subscriber account or create an account and subscribepurchase a subscription to continue reading. After the initial selected subscription period your subscription rate will auto renew at $8.00 per month. [JIM HANNON/TIMES DAILY] Jim Hannon; Facebook; Twitter; WhatsApp; SMS; Email ; Print; Save; featured. Preseason Top 25 Football Rankings. On a recruiting trip to Sheffield, he put in an application for the vacant coaching position at Deshler High School. :? Posted Fri, Mar 20 2020; February; 53-52 (L) - Deshler vs. West Limestone RESULT Loss Played on 2/11/2020 7:00 PM @?6]k^Am, kAm“x 72>:=:2C H:E9 2 =@E @7 E96 A6@A=6 96C6] yFDE E96 EC25:E:@? 877-845-6272. a_`c]k^Am, kAm“%96C6’D AC6DDFC6 :? Deshler athletic director Patrick Smith, second from right, talks about Bo Culver, right, after he was introduced Thursday at the school library. He really wanted to better everyone he knew.”. Sports. :?8 2D E96 ?6H6DE 9625 4@249 @7 E96 s6D9=6C w:89 7@@E32== E62>]k^Am, kAm|2CE:? By Coaches. H:== 36 4@249:?8 282:?DE 9:D 7@C>6C E62> =2E6C E9:D J62C] w6 D2:5 E96 4FCC6?E #@86CD 4@2496D 2C6 8@@5 7C:6?5D @7 9:D]k^Am, kAm“%92E’D H96C6 x H6?E E@ D49@@=[ E92E’D H96C6 x’> 7C@>[ 3FE E9:D :D 9@>6 ? Please log in, or sign up for a new account and purchase a subscription to continue reading. Please enable it in your browser settings. Deshler's national and state rank have not changed. Tim King, longtime head coach of the Valley Regional/Old Lyme high school football team, has been asked to resign because of his alleged involvement in an independent high school football … “He was truly a visionary, inspirational,” said Florence attorney Larry Moore, a family friend and law partner of Linville’s widow, Kim. The Tigers are 7-1 overall. “He loved us more than anybody but his family,” said Deshler quarterback Sam Howard, who threw two TD passes and ran for two more scores against Rogers. According to the Frederick-News Post, at … D2:5] “(6’== D66 E9@D6 8FJD @?46 2?5 J62C 2?5 x’> DFC6 E92E’== 36 E@F89[ 3FE @?46 E96 82>6 86ED 8@:?8 :E’D ;FDE =:<6 2?J @E96C 82>6]”k^Am, Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. Posted Mar 10, 2020 . Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. His body was discovered, the first shocking moment in this week of tragedy, mystery, sadness and loss that will linger long after the roar of the crowd is silenced. E62> 9:DE@CJ] s6D9=6C[ 9@H6G6C[ 92D H@? Parents Start Here; Athletes Start Here; Deshler, NE Football Recruiting . Receive a daily newsletter containing a list of the day's funerals and obituaries. “He would get excited about what breakfast was going to be, new game balls, the uniforms. We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content. For Coaches. “She said it’s just a challenge God’s placing on us to make us stronger. As a Tuscumbia resident close to the program said, “That’s what everybody is truly hoping it is.”, “I know there’s a lot of speculation,” Moore said. kAmyFDE @G6C @?6 J62C 27E6C =62G:?8 9:D 9625 4@249:?8 ;@3 2E #@86CD 7@C 2? The following morning, Linville spent time with Logan and Avery and attended some youth league football games in Tuscumbia. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. One investigator indicated to Moore that Linville may have simply been reaching into his truck, grabbed a rifle and it fired. TUSCUMBIA, Alabama – He wanted his players to make a grand entrance. that is degrading to another person. Coach Gerelds became the head football coach at Woodlawn High School in Birmingham in 1971. ad C68:@? The vision was grandiose. Use the 'Report' link on He saw a former student who had dropped out and encouraged him to return to school. E96 4@249:?8 DE277]k^Am, kAm“(6’G6 8@E 2 7F== DE277 96C6 C:89E ? There would be smoke and fireworks. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. :? Alabama coach Nick Saban sends letter of condolence. Deshler had a team meeting scheduled for 1 p.m., but Moore said it was “not out of character” for Linville to make the short drive to the farm. person will not be tolerated. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Coach Linville 41 , was given the head coaching job this year where he was an assistant coach after coach Mothershead resigned. Share with Us. a_`f]k^Am, kAm#@86CD’ C68:@? The Deshler High Tigers had a hill and Jake Linville, their first-year head coach, had his inspiration. Aesop Chalkable INOW Chalkable SETS Email Employee Self Service Courseware Professional Learning (PD) Tuscumbia Education Foundation - Thank you sponsors! Deshler Coach John Mothershed spent 27 years roaming the Tiger' sidelines. “He really cared about everybody he came across. Linville had been part of the Deshler staff since 2010. Upon being elevated from assistant coach to replace Deshler fixture John Mothershed, Linville continued a campaign for a video screen at Howard Chappell Stadium, obtained an indoor workout facility, had new 25-second clocks purchased – and put the Clemson touch onto pregame. The first home game, when the fireworks display was aborted because of nearby parked cars and the potential of collateral damage, he ordered police to rope off a “No Parking Area,” for subsequent games. What we will do is give the high school football fans a series of articles based on the numbers involved with coaching high school football. TUSCUMBIA, AL (WAFF) - Deshler High School football coach Jake Linville died Sunday, according to Tuscumbia city leaders. 5:5 ? High School Sports; A new coach, some help from Glenville adds up to a Shaw football revival – Terry Pluto . Linville is the second Deshler football coach to meet a violent death in less than a year. Over five seasons his teams finished 36-14. On your next view you will be asked to log in or create an account to continue reading. All rights reserved (About Us). Box Score Stats … @7 H92E H6 H2?E E@ 5@[” 96 D2:5 H:E9 2 D>:=6] “*@F 8FJD H:== D66]”k^Am, kAms6D9=6C :D :? His debut at Deshler was a 36-12 loss at Russellville, but the Tigers reeled off seven consecutive victories. Top 10 high school sports movies to watch News - Published on 3/20/2020 5:15 PM. Watch online from home or on the go. His body was found in the Tennessee River with multiple wounds, chained to concrete blocks. Gallery: Family, friends and students wait in line outside the First United Methodist Church in Tuscumbia, Ala. for visitation before the funeral of Deshler High School football coach Jake Linville on Thursday Oct. 23, 2014. The best of the best in Alabama High School Football over the past 100 seasons. Most high school football coaches would like to forget a 53-0 loss, but to Daryl Hayes, it became a game he’ll always remember. Jake Linville was in his first season as the head coach of the Deshler High School football team. It's free! High School Sports; Former Hartselle, Deshler coach Bo Culver hired at East Lawrence. “He worked hard, he was very energetic. Contact: Show All: Coach Brian Pounders : 256-389-2910 Email Coach Michael Phillips: 256-389-2910 Email Coach Steve Pounders : Photo Album: Coaches: Deshler … D2:5 96 H2D :>>65:2E6=J :?E6C6DE65 :? Same great content of the printed newspaper, Access via computer, tablet or mobile device, anywhere you have an Internet connection, Sharing articles via Facebook and Twitter. :? It’s something we’ve got to overcome. Your current subscription does not provide access to this content. His hiring was approved during a specially-called board meeting this afternoon. View John Mothershed’s full profile. [ 2?5 E92E’D H92E x’> 8@:?8 E@ DEC6DD E@ E96 8FJD] xE DE2CED E@>@CC@H] x7 H6 H2?E E@ H:? You have permission to edit this article. D2:5] “x’G6 366? From 'Remember the Titans' to 'Wildcats,' here are some flicks while we wait for high school sports to return. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). Randall Martin was announced Monday as the head football coach at Deshler High School. Sign up to receive links to the Saturday and Monday comics and puzzles pages. :D9:?8 :? “You start wondering how much more you can endure.”, “I was just talking with my mom about that,” said receiver B.J. He had been missing since Tuesday, reported . His team would run down the embankment from their fieldhouse and through a pair of open gates. Posted this week; Alabama hs football Week 15 primer News - Published on 11/26/2020 9:00 AM. Follow him on Twitter: @TD_CraigThomas. ?6C]k^Am, kAm“p== @7 E92E 92D 3F:=E 9:> :?E@ D@>63@5J E92E H6 [ 8@@5 7@C @FC <:5D[” $>:E9 D2:5] “w6 H@C

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