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The Societal expectation of the LGBT community has arisen for more than a decade, and their fight against equality has always been their top priority. Though there might have been some enlightenment on their side of the issue and the world is now accepting them than it was years ago, there are still facts and figures around the world that doesn’t support their advocacies.  In most cases, it happens to be the reason why coming out is an unfathomable struggle.

Why LGBT Needs To Be Free?

Not all LGBT dares to openly tell the world the truth about their chosen identity. As a matter of fact, people always negatively say something that can agitate the slightest hope they have and turn it into a greater risk of an emotional and psychological drawback.


Rejection – In a world full of diverse personalities and perception, LGBT is often a target. Four out of 10 persons had experienced rejection from their friends, family, and the society, which somehow leads to relentless health struggles like anxiety, depression, drug abuse, or even suicide. Also, rejection varies on different negative response depending on the amount of attention given to the LGBT community.

  • Government Involvement – In some countries like Uganda, Nigeria, and Russia, the LGBT is not welcome to become part of the community. Their homosexual acts become a crime that (in some instances) leads to a state-ordered substantial punishment.
  • Social Media attention – Social media played a significant role in the LGBT community. It played an essential tool for them to receive full care. However, it also put them in the limelight that they couldn’t escape the aggressive harassment from people they don’t know, which somehow made them vulnerable to negative comments.


Discrimination – Lesbian, gay and bisexual people are experiencing a wide variety of discrimination. It was reported in 2015 that only six countries protect them from bias judgment based on their sexual orientation. The fight against discrimination and violence is still in process.

  • The Punishment – Certain countries like Sudan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, and Mauritania, has strongly implemented a death penalty for homosexuals for because it is considered illegal. Groups like LGBT is prohibited and rarely investigated, some are tortured, held captive, and punished without due process.
  • The other side of the world – Pope Francis changed the Catholic Church when he made a clear statement of how LGBT should be treated about a person’s goodwill. According to theologian David Cloutier, “the process isn’t political—it’s spiritual.”

The LGBT community has gone a long way in their fight, and they are still striving hard to get the equality they all thoroughly deserve. The numbers of institutional barriers that hinder them their freedom have been lowered down, and Gay-Straight Alliances and other LGBTQ+ institute have been acknowledged almost worldwide. The massive change of societal expectation for the LGBT community encouraged tolerance and respect for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation.