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Resources for LGBTQ Youth

The LGBTQ community is already a marginalized demographic. But the stress, stigma, and harassment are even worse for younger people within the community, than let’s say, the stigma of growing up without parents and in an institution such as here. In fact, in LGBTQ individuals from the ages of 10 and 24, suicide is one of the leading causes of death. LGBTQ youth are also twice as more likely to be physically assaulted in some way for their sexuality or gender identity. Fortunately, this vulnerable demographic has many resources to give individuals love, support, and opportunities to succeed. Here are some of the most helpful and well-known resources for LGBTQ youth:

Source: cities.thetrevorproject.org


  • The Trevor Project: Easily one of the most well-known resources, The Trevor Project is a suicide and crisis intervention group dedicated to providing support to LGBTQ youth. This organization provides a variety of different support systems and resources, including sexual health, suicide prevention, information on coming out, LGBTQ homelessness, and even how to approach someone you have a romantic interest in. You can reach The Trever Project here:
    • Trevor Lifeline: 866-488-7386 (available 24/7)
    • TrevorChat: online chat room at org (available every day from 3pm – 10pm ET)
    • TrevorText: text “Trevor” to 1-202-304-1200 (available Monday through Friday from 3pm – 10pm ET)
  • GSA Network: This resource is mainly for those who have or would like to have a GSA, Gay-Straight Alliance, at their school. The GSA Network gives LGBTQ youth resources and tools that they need to create or expand a GSA at their school. It gives youth tools like how to start a GSA, how to give speeches, making their GSA inclusive, and even fundraising and leadership tools. Access these resources here:
  • Safe Schools Coalition: This organization is dedicated to providing education and a safe environment to all students regardless of gender or sexual identity. They strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and feel welcomed. Safe Schools Coalition is unique in a way that it not only focuses on LGBTQ youth but it also aids LGBTQ teachers and faculty members. Their website has all kinds of information regarding politics, hate crimes, GSAs, sexual health, and much more. You can find all of this information here:

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Political and Legal Resources

Although there have been tremendous strides in the expansion of civil rights, the LGBTQ community still has a long way to go in order to reach complete equality. Thankfully, there are many extremely helpful organizations that are determined to speed up the process of equality while also providing resources and support to those within the LGBTQ community. Despite the fact that there are too many to name, here are some of the largest and most important legal and political organizations that are dedicated to reaching LGBTQ equality:

  • Human Rights Campaign: Also known as HRC, the Human Rights Campaign is devoted to creating safe spaces, obtaining equal opportunities, and providing support and love. HRC is the largest LGBTQ civil rights foundation and has arguably been the most supportive and successful organization in creating accepting environments and pushing inclusive policies since 1980. HRC provides ways for individuals who want to see LGBTQ initiatives and communities in the world to be proactive. It provides the opportunity to be an activist to anyone who wants to help. Here’s where to find information: http://www.hrc.org/

Source: blog.amnestyusa.org

  • Equality Federation: This group is similar to HRC in that it is also committed to make every community an equal and inclusive place for all, particularly LGBTQ. Not only do they work to create nondiscriminatory environments in every state but they also push laws that take the LGBTQ community one step closer to equality, as well as defeating discriminatory laws. Just like HRC, the Equality Federation has many opportunities for those who want to assist in the journey to equality. For more information and volunteer opportunities, visit their website here:

Transgender Resources

Of the identities within the LGBTQ community, trans individuals are undoubtedly the most oppressed and discriminated against. However, many people recognize this and have created helpful organizations that assist transgender individuals, such as:

  • The National Center for Transgender Equality: This foundation is extremely helpful to trans individuals. Not only do they enact in the fight for equality but they also provide countless resources. These include information on rights regarding health care, social security, schools, airport security, and more. It also has opportunities for anyone who is interested in joining them in their efforts of creating communities that are accepting and inclusive of all trans identities. Here’s where to access all information of the organization:
    • http://www.transequality.org/
  • Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund: Also known as TLDEF, this group is also devoted to creating inclusive environments. However, it also provides legal information so that trans identifying people are better equipped to know if and when they are being discriminated against, as well as what to do in those situations. TLDEF is also dedicated to spreading awareness and encouraging education regarding transgender information and identities. For more information, visit their website: