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The idea of building a family with the love of your life is not only common for opposite-sex couples. Even lovebirds of the same sex think of it too; that’s why they consider getting married. While some find it a bit scary, others seem to want to pull the hours so that it will come fast.

What’s great, however, is that the rules on the subject of who can get married have been modified in many countries. A total of 27 countries authorize same-sex marriages to date, and that is one of the significant developments towards gender equality. The laws used to dictate that a man can only wed a woman – and vice versa – but that can be considered as history now.

What Does It Imply?

It implies that couples in the LGBT community can already take their relationships to the next level. They do not have to be only married in mind and spirit anymore – they can be together in the eyes of the law as well. The best reason why it has taken place is that more and more people have shown objectiveness when it comes to who can walk down the aisle.


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Legal Or Symbolic Ceremony?

In any case, all is and will always be fair in love and war. Even if LGBT couples have the right to get married legally, they can still choose to have a symbolic ceremony if that is what they prefer. A legal wedding merely entails that you can register your union and will be able to change your civil status. On the other hand, if you wed symbolically, you may speak your vows to each other without thinking of any law.

The Best Locations For Your Same-Sex Marriage

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you do not want your wedding to happen in the United States, the first hotspot that should come to mind is Buenos Aires, Argentina. The weather is excellent for those who wish to dress in style since the city never gets too hot or too cold. There are magnificent hotels to choose from as well, but if you love the outdoors more, you can say your ‘I dos’ in one of its incredible beaches.


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2. Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is the first city in the Asia-Pacific region where a same-sex wedding was held. Aside from the fact that it’s very welcoming to the members of the LGBT community, the place can bring out your adventurous side through the extreme activities you can try before, after and even during the wedding. It may be hard to book a hotel in September, though, because that’s when the Gay Ski Week Winter Festival happens.

3. Capri, Italy

Italy is the perfect wedding location for lovers whose bonding moments include going to historical sites and watching and knowing anything about the past. They will have the time of their lives if they decide to have their commitment ceremony in Capri where there are still hotels that look like something out of the history books.


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4. Fregate Island Private, Seychelles

Seychelles is an African country that has attracted many LGBT couples. After all, it is not impossible to rent an entire island for the wedding once you are there. It ensures that there will be no outsiders in the location; only the people you love will be able to take part in this solemnization. Not to mention, you won’t need to go anywhere else for the honeymoon.

5. Iceland

You may be wondering, “Why did they not mention a specific city or town?” Well, the reason is that every town or city in Iceland is welcoming to any couple regardless of their sexual preferences. It would be fantastic if you choose to get married near one of their famous waterfalls, beside or above their natural lakes, or in their beautiful churches. No one in this country will give you the cold shoulder for choosing to start a family with a person of the same sex. Thus, it may be more fitting to call Iceland as the land of warmth.

6. Cape Town, South Africa

It will also not be a bad idea to conduct your wedding ceremony in any of the best spots in Cape Town, South Africa. If you both love nature, you can have unique matrimony on top of one of its mountains, on a vast vineyard, or maybe in a safari with some wild animals in the background.


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To Wrap Things Up

For two persons in love, gender never matters. A man can fall for a woman, a man, or someone of the third sex. As long as you have respect and devotion to your partner, whether they are an LGBT member or not, that wedding of yours will be binding beyond this lifetime. Pick any of these destinations, and you are all set to tying the knot with your one and only.