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Same-sex marriage has already been legalized by all fifty states in America. It is one of the greatest triumphs of the LGBT community in New York so far, and it signals toward realizing a society that is free from irrational discrimination and hate. Indeed, in no time we can achieve a utopia where each one of us is treated equally and given the same opportunity to build our own homes, where same-sex couples can establish parenting identities like any other individual. They can express their compassion and unconditional love towards the person they love regardless of sexual orientation, and build a family with them.

Speaking of fostering our own families, one of the legal ways for same-sex couples to have their own child is by opting for adoption. Only a few chosen states recognize this right in an equal way, for now, and some states may only support adoption if one of the partners in a same-sex relationship is the biological parent to the child, then the other partner can apply for consideration. Some states may grant full adoption rights while others would completely ban them because of some backward religious and cultural beliefs of the majority of the populace.

However, you will no longer worry about these issues since there are a lot of law firms who are dedicated to protect and preserve the rights of individuals whether you are straight or gay. Parenthood is not something to be dictated by an illogical gender stereotyping between a man and a woman only, because it requires a deep sense of humanity to raise someone with love, dignity, and respect. Gone are the days of collective abhorrence towards someone’s personal choices and sexuality when in fact it has not caused any danger to the masses. Today, some competent lawyers specialize in these cases who are experienced enough to inform you of your rights.


Adoption After Assisted Reproduction

One way of securing your parental rights is by a collaborative effort with someone who is willing and able to donate their reproductive cells to conceive your child. For a gay couple, they will have to find someone who is medically fit to take the gestational role by accepting the male reproductive cells from one of the partners and to continue with the process of pregnancy until the child is born. Likewise, lesbian couples may opt to find qualified sperm donors from a legitimate list of registered sperm banks. In these cases, you would need legal help if you want to safeguard the best outcome in employing someone who is unrelated to both parties, such as terminating the donors and surrogates parental right after the reproduction and birthing process. As much as possible your legal team will help you minimize and avoid court trials which could be stressful for you and your marriage, as well as may cost you a lot of time, money and energy.

Adopting A Spouse’s Child Or Adopting A Child Together

There are some instances when one of the spouses in a same-sex relationship has a child from their previous partner. As a married couple, all legitimate possessions must be mutually shared because that is the essence of the union. Since you are living together with your spouse’s child, it is expected that you would create an emotional bond. You want the best for them since you would already treat them as your own in time. It is essential to protect your relationship with the child no matter what happens by seeking legal advice from lawyers who work with these issues in mind.

As busy individuals, there are also times when a same-sex couple would instead adopt a child who is unrelated to both parties. And this is primarily the best decision of all since you can help those kids who were abandoned by their parents. It can also prove that same-sex parents are the best human beings capable of assuming the parental roles of those who could not provide by unselfishly sharing their homes and fortunes to those children who are in need but adopting an unrelated child can be challenging. However, a law firm will lay out the best options available for you that are legally acceptable to the constitution.


How Law Firms Help An LBGT Adoption In New York Or New Jersey

It always varies in different states when it comes to the scope and limitations of same-sex adoption laws. There might be instances that your case is not covered in New York or New Jersey. However, there are law firms who will help with these you with these dilemmas. They will be giving legal advice on what actions to take and what options are best for you, as well as identifying if there is a need to nullify the parental rights of a third party such as the donor, surrogate and biological parents. Lastly, you will be assisted in acquiring adoption certification if necessary, submitting all the required papers, and obtaining birth certificates that would declare you as the legal parent of the adopted child.

With these legal steps, you are already in the vestige of realizing your aspirations to prove that same-sex couples are capable of becoming a part in molding the future generations of socially intellectual and affectionate individuals; people who are willing to share what they have and recognize what they lack for us to coexist in this livable world.