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If there is one thing that can scare guys at times, it is a woman’s intuition. It is rare for any juicy detail to get past you, especially if it involves your loved ones. Even when the other person remains in denial, and you do not have pre-existing knowledge of what you feel suspicious about, you tend to know somehow whether the man is lying or not.

In case your instinct tells you, however, that you are in a relationship with a closet gay man, try not to pounce on the subject immediately and call it quits between you two. We understand that you maybe 90 percent right about your assumption, but you cannot discount the possibility that your beau may merely be metrosexual. Thus, to see if you are genuinely dating a homosexual, below are the signs to watch out for today.


You Have An Unstable Sexual Relationship

First off, gay men typically do not appreciate having sex with anyone who has a vagina quite often. They may do it out of inquisitiveness or for the sake of consummating the relationship, but you cannot expect them to want it on a regular basis.

You should take the hint that your significant other is perhaps an LGBT member once he starts making unreasonable excuses to turn down your sexual invitations. For instance, he may say that his work exhausted him even if you are aware that it is his off-day. Alternatively, the man may stay out late on purpose and only come back when you are in a deep sleep.


However, You Caught Him Watching Gay Porn

It can be confusing to realize that your special someone watches male-to-male porn for the first time. When you ask him about it, he can try to divert your thoughts, get angry at you for snooping, or claim that he is curious about how sex works between two guys. Despite that, you should stick to your guns since that is another sign that he is most likely interested in men.


He Does Not Like Being Around Other Gays

What’s common in males who try to conceal their homosexuality is that they are afraid of standing near or talking to other gay men. The homophobia can come from a couple of things: 1) the closet queen still cannot accept that he has an attraction to same-sex, and 2) he does not wish to be in the gaydar and get out before he is ready.


He Keeps Profiles In Gay Dating Sites

A straight guy will never have a dating profile on a website that is specifically for homos. In case you found out that he has one and that he is actively maintaining it, that should clear your doubts and allow you to conclude that your beau is indeed into males.



Considering you can connect any of the red flags above to your man, chances are, he may be bisexual or curious about what it is like to be with another guy. However, if all those signs are visible, then prepare for a bumpy ride because, newsflash, you are in a relationship with a discreet gay man.