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Whenever the story of a gay man falling in love with a straight woman becomes public, it always baffles people. They may ask, “Why will you go in that direction if you already announced your homosexuality?” Some even fear that the queer will eventually get tired of the relationship with his wife and look for another man.


Truthfully speaking, many straight-gay couples end up finding happily ever after in each other. They remain monogamous as well, which may be astounding, especially if one of the two isn’t heterosexual. Their reasons for entering a loving relationship with a woman, however, are different.



  1. To Please The Parents

The ultimate purpose of most individuals who date straight ladies is to avoid disappointing their conservative parents. Many families still believe that a man is only for a woman – and not for another man – and vice versa. Hence, in case the gay guy has a secure attachment to his folks and he does not want to get disowned, he may choose to love a girl.


  1. To Denounce Homosexuality

In relation to the previous reasoning, some gays hailing from a religious background cannot accept the fact that they feel attraction towards guys. In their minds, what may “save them from being homosexual” is having a steady relationship with a woman. Sometimes it does happen, but quite often they remain gay forever.


  1. To Follow The Norms

Although being a member of the LGBTQ family is already acceptable in most places, it is not unknown to many that some industries still prefer hiring straight men and women. If the gay guy insists on being gay, there’s a high chance that the company will demote, or worse, fire him for displaying his homosexuality. To prevent that, therefore, the ones who don’t want to lose their job decide to follow the norms and keep suspicions away from them by dating a woman.


  1. To Feel A Sense Of Belonging

The queens who live in the states where same-sex couples still get frowned upon in the streets and are not allowed to marry each other tend to assume that dating a straight lady is the best way for them to achieve normalcy. That does not come quickly, especially when everyone in the community does not like having a single gay man in their midst.


  1. To Have A Family

Lastly, the homo may merely want to create a family of his own. Plenty of queer guys realize the beauty of doing so these days. They can flirt for as long as they wish while these people are still not of marrying age, yet the gay men can end all of that as soon as they think that it is time to find a wife and have kids.


There you go, folks. Gay men have different reasons behind their decision to be in a relationship with and eventually marry a straight woman. However, whatever that logic is, you should ascertain that you will not drop your wife – and kids – like a hot potato when the tides get rough, or you feel tempted to frolic with other guys.